With business demand for DevOps, Agile and Public Cloud Services, traditional security processes have become a major roadblock targeted for elimination. Traditional security operates from the position that once a system has been designed, its security defects can then be determined by security staff and corrected by business operators before the system is released.  This allows for a limited supply of skills in security to be applied to outcomes and avoids the need to increase security context within the larger system.  But a process designed this way only works where the pace of business activities is waterfall and is agreed by all parties.  Unfortunately, the belief that security must operate this way is flawed with the introduction of iteration and has since created inherent risks within the system because business decisions need to be balanced inline and addressed at the speed of business.   Therefore, cooperation has not been achieved.

Netguru has expertise in integrating security into the development process and follows a well defined DevSecOps model as shown below