Application Development

Applications are the lifeline of any business relying on IT solutions. They have evolved significantly over the past two decades from simple mail and 2-tier client-server applications to complex heterogeneous custom systems.
Today, Applications not only support underlying business processes and back-end operations but also drive customer-facing business opportunities. As such, CIOs are measuring the success of technology investments in terms of business outcomes-profitability, risk, growth, and cost.
However with great leaps in advancement, today the challenges are even more pronounced. Point and near-term solutions fall short of meeting these challenges in growing business needs and managing applications from the beginning to end. This results in business risks, loss of business opportunities, and higher maintenance costs. IT organizations struggle due to lack of disciplined processes and technology-oriented approaches, thereby putting the business at risk. We have found that well documented and executed development processes and tools can help mitigate these risks. 
With an ever-increasing number of packaged applications, off-the-shelf products, and development frameworks, selecting the right technologies to architect solutions becomes increasingly challenging. Each vendor aggressively pushes their own software stack and the allure of low-cost locations brings its own set of problems due to distance and cultural differences.

Our team, with years of experience, will help you make the right choice and guide you through the process.